Bräcke – Östersund

6 Days

6 days – The second stage is the shortest of the entire route and runs from Bräcke to Östersund, the capital of the province of Jämtland. A walk along historic sites and picturesque villages.

“A hike along historical sites, beer breweries and pittoresque villages.

Day 1: travel day, overnight stay in Bräcke

Day 2: Bräcke – Gällö (approx. 28 km)

The first hike is the longest. You walk along the beautiful Lake Revsund where Olav according to legend split a stone in half with his boat when he went ashore. The last part is through dense forest towards the village of Gällö. A tough beginning!

Day 3: Gällö – Pilgrimstad (approx. 17 km)

Following the shores of Lake Revsund, you pass the village of Revsund, which has several ties to the St. Olav history. In Revsund you can visit the church if it’s open – one of the biggest rural churches of Sweden – which exhibits some really interesting historic artefacts. You pass Hålbergsgrot, a cave where in the Middle Ages a murderer lived in exile. In Pilgrimstad you drink from another St. Olav spring – one that has healing water, or so the story goes.

Day 4: Pilgrimstad – Brunflo (approx. 25 km)

On day three you can take it easy: a relatively easy walk through green fields and along streams to Torpshammar, the geographical centre of Sweden.

Day 5: Brunflo – Östersund (approx. 15 km)

The road to Östersund is easy and not very long. Östersund is the capital of the Swedish province of Jämtland and has one of the best attractions of Sweden: the huge open-air museum Jamtli (Swedish Museum of the Year in 2013). Part of Jamtli’s exhibition is about Olav and the Vikings.

Day 6: travel day

    • Duration: 6 days
    • Included: accommodation, most meals, bed linen, booking, assistance through app (if needed). Meals can also be arranged by yourself – which will save costs.
    • Not included: luggage transfer. Because of high gasoline prices, luggage transfer is quite expensive: € 130.
    • Accommodation: in hut, inn or hotel.
    • Difficulty: a pretty tough stage, with two long hikes and one short but difficult one (towards Pilgrimstad). The positive: this stage is quite short and the forest trails are quite spectacular.
    • You can book extra resting days
    • Terms & conditions apply

Price single room (1 person): € 520
Price double room (2 persons): € 950

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