(The Olav Path)

Nordic Pilgrim:

  • Offers information
  • Arranges accommodation
  • Arranges meals
  • Arranges (luggage) transport
  • Makes your maps (as PDF)
  • Can follow you during your journey with apps on your mobile phone


During this pilgrimage you walk the last part of the Gudbrandsdalsleden – the pilgrim route that starts in Oslo – towards Trondheim. Depending on the route you choose, you start in Oppdal (10 days) or in Dovre (14 or 16 days). You walk over the barren Dovrefjell plateau, through beautiful cultural landscapes and along the river Orkla, through forests and bogs to the city of Trondheim where the imposing Nidaros Cathedral is located. The shrine of Olav the Saint once stood in this church.

The average distance of the Olav Path is 20 kilometers per day and that requires a solid walking experience. The walks lead over the Dovre plateau and further on forest paths, gravel roads, asphalt or grass paths. Although the route rises and falls, you will not have to climb or walk along steep precipices anywhere. You have ample time and opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape every day.

Nordic Pilgrim

Nordic Pilgrim offers self-guided hiking trips along Gudbrandsdalsleden since 2023 – taking over the packages from the Dutch company Fru Amundsen; in stages, the complete route, individually or in a group.

Nordic Pilgrim can arrange accommodation, meals, luggage transport, pilgrim passes, roadmap, English information about points of interest. If you have questions or encounter problems during your trip then there is always an English-speaking contact available in the region. Would you like to take care of food yourself? You will receive a list showing food shops and dining and cooking facilities along the route. Do you just have a short period of time? We will together pick the best option for you. And if you carry your own luggage while walking, traveling can be even more ‘low budget’.

If you have special requests, for example the rental of bicycles or dietary needs, please let us know. We like to deliver customized solutions. We can also assist with booking extra nights in the starting and ending points of your journey and advice how to get there and away.


Below are the target prices for the various standard etappes. Prices include accommodation, most meals, (otherwise info about restaurants/shops is included), maps and information. The prices do not include travel to and from Norway.

Of course it is possible to add walking days and stages together or split stages up, depending on the time and the number of kilometers you would like to walk. We can provide a realistic schedule and make a quotation for you.

Guided group tour (14 days)

In a small group we walk the last approximately 220 kilometers of the Gudbrandsdalsleden, the Olav Path, from Dovre to Trondheim. During the first days we walk across the beautiful unspoiled and rugged Dovrefjell plateau; sometimes we can see…

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Dovre-Trondheim (16 days)

A self-guided hike to Trondeheim for experienced hikers. During this tour you walk from Dovre over the barren Dovrefjell plateau to the Nidaros Cathedral. For this trip you need to bring a sleeping bag and luggage transfer is not always possible.

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Dovre-Trondheim (14 days)

During this tour you walk from Dovre over the barren Dovrefjell plateau to the city of Trondheim. The difference with the 16-day trip is that you skip Ryphusan - an accommodation that cannot be booked through us. This package also has bed linen…

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Oppdal-Trondheim (10 days)

During this tour you walk from the town of Oppdal, through a beautiful cultural landscapes along the river Orkla, through forests and bogs to the city of Trondheim where the imposing Nidaros Cathedral stands. The shrine of Olav the Saint once stood…

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