Nordic Pilgrim | Hikes and packages
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Hikes and packages

Let us arrange the practical part, then you can just enjoy the hike

We can arrange accommodation, meals, luggage transport, pilgrim passes, roadmap, English information about points of interest. If you have questions or encounter problems during your trip then there is always an English-speaking contact available in the region. Would you like to take care of food yourself? You will receive a list showing food shops and dining and cooking facilities along the route. Do you just have a short period of time? We will together pick the best option for you. And if you carry your own luggage while walking, traveling can be even more ‘low budget’.


If you have special requests, for example the rental of bicycles, please let us know. We like to deliver customized solutions. We can also assist with booking extra nights in the starting and ending points of your journey and advice how to get there and away.


Below are the target prices for the various standard etappes. Prices include accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, pilgrim passes, maps and information (although there are a couple of places that you will have to fix your own meals – info about restaurants/shops is included). The prices do not include luggage transport, travel to and from Sweden/Norway.


Of course it is possible to add walking days and stages together or split stages up, depending on the time and the number of kilometers you would like to walk. We can provide a realistic schedule and make a quotation for you.


Nordic Pilgrim

  • Offers information
  • Arranges accommodation
  • Arranges food
  • Arranges (luggage)transport if needed
  • Fixes your pilgrim’s passport and maps when you book with us
  • Can follow you during your journey with an app on your mobile phone

Possible stages

Selånger – Bräcke

approx. 7 days

From the Swedish east coast, through mysterious forests and passing lakes.

More info

Bräcke – Östersund

approx. 4 days

A hike along historical sites, beer breweries and pittoresque villages.

More info

Östersund – Åre

approx. 6 days

Crossing idyllic isles and rural areas, with views on the Swedish mountains.

More info

Åre – Stiklestad

approx. 7 days

Een hike through the Scandinavian wildernss in the direction of Stiklestad.

More info

Stiklestad – Trondheim

approx. 7 days

The last stage of the trip follows the fjord and ends at the Nidaros Cathedral.

More info

Complete route

approx. 1 month

From coast to coast: along fields, through forests, over mountains, to Trondheim.

More info

Starting price: 350 euro per stage.

Including: accommodation, food, pelgrim pass, maps, booking and information. 

Excluding: transport of luggage, the trip to and from Scandinavia, insurance.

Please note: the starting price of 350 euro is for the shortest stage. Concerning the 2019 season are not all prices and accommodations set yet.

There are several accommodations which don’t offer food. You will have to fix your own food there.
Often there is a kitchen available or restaurants in the vicinity. Ask us for details. 



Norway has closed its borders and it is still difficult to travel to/from Sweden. We will monitor the situation, but it looks like the pilgrim season of 2020 has ended before it begun.