Nordic Pilgrim | Åre – Stiklestad
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Åre – Stiklestad

From Åre the route passes the largest waterfall in Sweden and continues towards the Swedish-Norwegian border, amidst the mountains. After crossing the border, it goes downhill quickly, and it’s great to take it slow in the Norwegian valleys and fjords. Endpoint is Stiklestad where Olav was killed. More experienced walkers could consider combining a couple of the shorter walks into one longer walk. Ask us for the possibilities.


Day 1: Åre – Tännforsen (ca. 23 km)

On your way to Tännforsen you pass Duved, where you can buy some provisions. Because after Duved the actual wilderness begins. You leave behind the last bit of civilization and head for the mighty Tännforsen, Sweden’s largest waterfall.


Day 2: Tännforsen – Medstugan (ca. 24 km)

On the road from Tännforsen to Medstugan you pass a number of restored stone bridges that were built in the 19th century after the Treaty of Kiel. Near the border between Sweden and Norway you sleep at a farm near dairy museum in Medstugan.


Day 3: Medstugan – Sul (ca. 38 km)

You’ve seen them for many days in the distance, and today you finally cross them: the mountains between Sweden and Norway. After crossing the border, the landscape changes immediately: past spectacular rock walls you walk to the deep, dark valley of Sul. Because there is no accommodation available in the mountains, the walk is quite long. But don’t worry: you can be picked up by car if it gets too much!


Day 4: Sul – Vuku (ca. 30 km)

Today’s tour goes through a narrow valley to a more open landscape with pine forests and distant views.


Day 5: Vuku – Stiklestad (ca. 13 km)

After a lovely walk through green hills, you arrive in Stiklestad, where Olav Haraldsson was killed in battle on July 29 1030. Nowadays Stiklestad has an open-air museum, a pilgrim centre and a church, containing the stone on which Olav laid his head when he died – or so the story goes.


ca. 5 days


Accommodation in hut, inn or hotel. Please bring your own sleeping bag and bed linen.


The route runs through the mountains between Sweden and Norway and can be tough on some points. It also has the longest hikes of the whole route. Yet even this stage is doable for both trained and untrained hikers. For pilgrims who need help, we can help fixing transport. We do recommend to use good equipment and hiking gear.



On request.

COVID-19 UPDATE: At this moment it is unclear what impact COVID-19 will have on the pilgrim season 2021. We will continue monitoring the situation. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.
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