Nature package

Up and close with the wilderness

Combine your hike along St. Olavsleden with one extra day in the sleepy village of Bräcke (Sweden) to catch your breath. If you start your hike at the beginning of St. Olavsleden, this break comes after one week of walking – a welcome break!

  • Moose safari
  • Food safari: learn what you can eat from the forest
  • Choose between: tour to Döda fallet (the dead waterfall) by car, fly fishing workshop in famous nature reserve, nature photography workshop


  • Duration: 1 extra day
  • To be combined with your existing trip along St. Olavsleden
  • Accommodation in a hotel (1 extra night)
  • Included: 1 activity package, accommodation, meals, booking, luggage transfer and optional remote guidance (through an app)
  • Terms & conditions apply
  • For booking: contact us.

    Price: from €210 PP

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    This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (

”Take a break: a nature day in Bräcke


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