Guided tours

Nordic Pilgrim started with self guided hikes along St. Olavsleden in 2014. Now, almost ten years later, we take a new step (pun intended): we start with guided group tours. There will be one tour along the Gudbrandsdalsleden in Norway – from Dovre to Trondheim. A second tour starts in Vuku, along St. Olavsleden, and takes the Outer Route towards Trondheim – ending with a boat ride to the city. The third tour is reflection hike along St. Olavsleden for women.

Our guides

Henriëtte van der Noord will be the guide for the Gudbrandsdalsleden and St. Olavsleden hike. Author Francine Postma will lead the reflection hike – which is based on her book about the trail. The size of the groups are between 7 and 10 people.

Information and booking

You can find more information on the main pages of the hiking trails. You can also contact us for details. You can book these tours beginning now.

Coastal pilgrimage route

Nordic Pilgrim is researching ways to package (parts of) the Coastal Route for hikers. We are not sure yet if it will be for the 2024 season - but we will keep you poste. Watch this space. But first: watch this short video that we made of the Coastal Route.

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Assistance coupon

Nordic Pilgrim offers free advice to anyone. But if you arrange your own trip and still need some extra security, you can order a Nordic Pilgrim help coupon! We can assist you with last minute bookings, help in case of emergencies, make reservations or even help with translations. See the examples below. Order a coupon to formalize your pilgrim helpline! Contact us for more info.

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