Östersund – Åre

8 Days

8 days – This trip starts in Östersund, the capital of the Swedish province of Jämtland. From there, the route crosses the idyllic islands Frösön and Rödön – with stunning views of the mountains – and continues towards the ski village of Åre.

“Crossing idyllic isles and rural areas, with views on the Swedish mountains.

Day 1: travel day, overnight stay in Östersund

Day 2: Östersund – Rödön (approx. 20 km)

The first part of the walk crosses the island Frösön. You pass the northernmost rune stone in Sweden and the beautiful Frösö church. The route continues along the shoreline of Storsjön towards the peninsula Rödön.

Day 3: Rödön – Nälden (approx. 25 km)

The landscape on Rödön consists of farmland and green hills, with picturesque churches and small villages. Today you pass the St. Olavs spring of Vikeränget, where you can have a refreshing drink of “holy” water.

Day 4: Nälden – Alsen (approx. 20 km)

From Nälden it is a pleasant, easy walk towards Alsen, with stunning mountain views. Along the way you can admire the six thousand-year-old rock carvings of Glösa and a reconstruction of huts of moose hunters who lived here long ago.

Day 5: Alsen – Mörsil (approx. 30 km)

Today’s walk is a long and heavy one! You walk trough dense forest and have to cross a narrow, shallow river. The views of the mountains and dark, deep lakes are breathtaking.

Day 6: Mörsil – Hålland (approx. 20 km)

The road to Hålland is relatively easy, but long. It follows the river Indalsälven, with Ristafallet, a beautiful waterfall with great rapids and views.

Day 7: Hålland – Åre (approx. 22 km)

The route to Åre is spectacular: the tops of Åre ‘s popular ski slopes are slowly getting closer, dominating the landscape. Through forests, meadows and along a ‘troll path’, you arrive in the bustling ski village, where you can take a cable car during the season, which climbs to the highest peaks of Åre.

Day 8: travel day

  • Duration: 8 days
  • Included: Included: accommodation, most meals, bed linen, booking, assistance through app (if needed). Meals can also be arranged by yourself – which will save costs.
  • Not included: luggage transfer. Because of high gasoline prices, luggage transfer is quite expensive: € 170.
  • Accommodation: in hut, inn or hotel. 
  • Difficulty: An average stage of St. Olavsleden, though here and there the road goes uphill and there is one longer trip. Along forest trails, (un)paved roads, asphalt, hills. A great walk for both trained and untrained hikers. We do recommend to use good equipment and hiking gear.
  • You can book extra resting days
  • Terms & conditions apply

Price single room (1 person): € 650
Price double room (2 persons): € 1.080

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