Guidedgroup tourSt. Olavsleden

17-24 August 2024

The St. Olavsleden, the St. Olav Path

After the death of King Olav in 1030 and his canonization, many pilgrims walked to the holy place of Nidaros to pray, give thanks and do penance. After the Reformation the routes fell into disrepair. Since the 1980s, work has started to restore these age-old routes. After five hundred years of oblivion, the 580 kilometre-long St. Olavleden (‘led’ means ‘road, path’ in Swedish and Norwegian) reopened in 2013, with a special service in the Nidaros Cathedral. Hikers can once more experience this wonderful route and follow in the footsteps of Olav Haraldsson – as an adventurous holiday, an inner journey or a true pilgrimage. The St. Olavsleden starts in Selånger (Sweden) and ends in Trondheim (Norway). This trip follows the last stage of the route.


In a small group we walk the last approximately 100 kilometers of the St. Olavsleden, the St. Olav Path, from Vuku to Trondheim. The hike passes Stiklestad - one of the most important places of the Olav saga - and continues along the Trondheim fjord towards the Nidaros Cathedral. There are almost no height differences. The last couple of days we mostly follow a coastal path, that ends at the small island of Tautra. From there a small boat brings us to Trondheim.

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01. August 17: travel day to Vuku.

Arrival at the first accommodation & introduction of the group.

02. August 18: Vuku – Stiklestad (approx. 13 km)

After a lovely walk through green hills, we arrive in Stiklestad, where Olav Haraldsson was killed in battle on July 29 1030. Nowadays Stiklestad has an open-air museum, a pilgrim centre and a church, containing the stone on which Olav laid his head when he died – or so the story goes. We get a guided tour of Stiklestad after arrival.

03. August 19: Stiklestad – Munkeby (approx. 22 km)

The route between Stiklestad and Munkeby is relatively easy, but has a few smaller hills. Along the way we pass the town of Verdal. In Munkeby we stay at a pilgrim’s cabin, near the ruins of a medieval monastery. Not far away is a modern monastery, where you can buy cheese from the monks.

04. August 20: Munkeby – Laberget (approx. 21 km)

From Munkeby we follow the road to Levanger, one of the bigger towns in the region, with a population of 10.000. From there we go to the Levanger arboretum and follow the road to the coast.

05. August 21: Laberget – Hellberg (approx. 25 km)

Today’s trip is tough: mainly on asphalt roads – although there is an alternative route that follows the coast. The water of the Trondheim fjord is never far away. Past the Falstadsenteret (war museum) and the Ekne church, to Hellberg. We are now on the peninsula of Frosta, a region with a rich cultural history witnessing the central position held by Frosta throughout the centuries. Frosta is sometimes nicknamed “Trondheim’s kitchen garden” due to many farms with production of vegetables, as well as a good microclimate.

06. August 22: Hellberg – Tautra (approx. 23 km)

A beautiful hike through forest, over hills and across fields – all the time with the sea on our right hand side. The last bit crosses the 2-kilometer long bridge between Frosta and the island of Tautra, famous for its Monastery ruins. In 2003 Tautra Mariakloster, a new Cistercian nunnery, was founded on the island.

07. August 23: Tautra – Trondheim (boat + approx. 2 km)

On the last day we take the boat from Tautra to Trondheim, which takes about one hour. From the small harbour it is just a short walk to the Nidaros Cathedral – end point of the St. Olav pilgrimage. We get a guided tour of the cathedral and end the day with dinner in the city.

08. August 24: travel day

Trip back. You can book extra nights in Trondheim if you want.

8 days of which we walk 6 days, an average of 20 km per day.

From August 17 to August 24, 2024.

7-10 people + 1 guide. Men and women in good shape, who enjoy adventurous walking in a beautiful landscape, with not a lot of height differences, and who prefer not to do it alone. The trip will be definitive with 7 bookings.

We spend the night in pilgrim accommodaties, ranging from simple to comfortable – from cabins and B&B’s, to hotels. In most places you get a private room. You don’t have to bring a sleeping bag.

Under the guidance of Henriëtte van der Noord, pilgrim, walking guide, tour guide and city guide.

All meals are included; no need to cook our own meals.

Transfer from Verdal station to Vuku, daily luggage transfer from Vuku to Trondheim, boat transfer from Tautra to Trondheim, two guided tours (Stiklestad and Trondheim).

Your trip to/from Norway. You will of course be helped to find the trip that suits you best.

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Contact us for more information: or +31 6 12834782.

€ 1.750 per person.

Your guide

Henriëtte van der Noord (1961) was a teacher in special education for a long time and is now a walker, pilgrim, certified tour guide, walking guide and city guide.

After walking much of St. Olavsleden in 2018 she decided to follow her heart and give her life a different direction. She is experienced in dealing with groups and guiding trips, has knowledge of Norwegian culture and history and she feels happiest in nature.


Guided group tour St. Olavsleden 2024

  • From August 17 to August 24, 2024

  • 7-10 people + 1 guide

  • Price: € 1.750 per person

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