St. Olavsleden(The St. Olav Path)

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St. Olavsleden

St. Olavsleden is the world’s northernmost pilgrim’s way: from Selånger (Sweden) to Trondheim (Norway). The 580 km-long trail leads over mountains and through forests, along lakes and historical sites. St. Olavsleden is the Scandinavian answer to El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrimage to Spain.

The average distance of the St. Olav Path is 21 kilometers per day and that requires a solid walking experience. The walks lead over forest paths, gravel roads, asphalt or grass paths. There are a few height differences in the Åre area, but there is no real climbing involved. You have ample time and opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape every day.

Nordic Pilgrim

Nordic Pilgrim offers self-guided hiking trips along St. Olavsleden since 2014. Nordic Pilgrim can arrange accommodation, meals, luggage transport, pilgrim passes, roadmaps, English information about points of interest. If you have questions or encounter problems during your trip then there is always an English-speaking contact available – in the region or via an app.

Would you like to take care of food yourself? You will receive a list showing food shops and dining and cooking facilities along the route. Do you just have a short period of time? We will together pick the best option for you. And if you carry your own luggage while walking, traveling can be even more ‘low budget’.

If you have special requests, for example the rental of bicycles or dietary needs, please let us know. We like to deliver customized solutions. We can also assist with booking extra nights in the starting and ending points of your journey and advice how to get there and away.


Below are the target prices for the various standard etappes. Prices include accommodation, most meals, (otherwise info about restaurants/shops is included), bed linen, maps and information. The prices do not include travel to and from Norway.

Of course it is possible to add walking days and stages together or split stages up, depending on the time and the number of kilometers you would like to walk. We can provide a realistic schedule and make a quotation for you.

Selånger-Trondheim (29 or 31 days)

This is the ‘big one’: the complete St. Olavsleden. 580 kilometres through forests, along lakes, across mountains, to the Trondheim fjord. When you walk the whole way to Trondheim, you probably experience the true pilgrim feeling: a daily routine of…

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Selånger-Bräcke (9 days)

The St. Olav’s Path begins in the almost Mediterranean Selånger, near Sundsvall at the Swedish east coast. After a walk through deep forests, along mirroring lakes and deserted country roads, this first stage ends in Bräcke. More experienced walkers…

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Bräcke-Östersund (6 days)

This stage is the shortest of the entire route and runs from Bräcke to Östersund, the capital of the province of Jämtland. A walk along historic sites and picturesque villages. Östersund has one of the best open-air museums in Sweden and well worth…

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Östersund-Åre (8 days)

This trip starts in Östersund, the capital of the Swedish province of Jämtland. From there, the route crosses the idyllic islands Frösön and Rödön – with stunning views of the mountains – and continues towards the ski village of Åre. There is no…

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Åre-Stiklestad (7 days)

From Åre the route passes the largest waterfall in Sweden and continues towards the Swedish-Norwegian border, amidst the mountains. After crossing the border, it goes downhill quickly, and it’s great to take it slow in the Norwegian valleys and…

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Stiklestad-Trondheim (7 or 9 days)

There are two ways to Trondheim: the Inner and the Outer route. The Inner Route crosses ‘marka’, a Norwegian expression for the nature areas between villages, to Trondheim, end of this pilgrimage. The Outer Route is shorter and follows the coastline…

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Assistance coupon

Nordic Pilgrim offers free advice to anyone. But if you arrange your own trip and still need some extra security, you can order a Nordic Pilgrim help…

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Wood carving

Combine your hike along St. Olavsleden with a wood carving workshop. Spend an extra day in Vuku, Norway to carve your own a spoon with ornament or…

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Qigong & mindfulness

With about 100 kilometers left to the final destination of St. Olavsleden, it can be good to have a resting day, with time for contemplation and…

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Relax package

Combine your hike along St. Olavsleden with one or two days extra in the sleepy village of Bräcke or in Östersund to catch your breath. A welcome…

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