St. Olavsleden, the St. Olav Path

St. Olavsleden is the world’s northernmost pilgrim’s way: from Selånger (Sweden) to Trondheim (Norway). The 580 km-long trail leads over mountains and through forests, along lakes and historical sites. St. Olavsleden is the Scandinavian answer to El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrimage to Spain.


There are two ways to Trondheim: the Inner and the Outer route. The Inner Route crosses ‘marka’, a Norwegian expression for the nature areas between villages, to Trondheim, end of this pilgrimage. The Outer Route is shorter and follows the coastline of the peninsula Frosta. The last day is a boat tour to Trondheim. In Trondheim lies the Nidaros Cathedral, where Olav was buried.

The schedule that you see below is just a suggestion. You can plan in resting days or combine stages. Ask us for the possibilities.

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01. Travel day. Overnight stay in Stiklestad

Stiklestad is the place where Olav Haraldsson was killed in battle on July 29 1030. Nowadays Stiklestad has an open-air museum, a pilgrim centre and a church, containing the stone on which Olav laid his head when he died – or so the story goes.

02. Stiklestad – Munkeby (approx. 22 km)

The route between Stiklestad and Munkeby is relatively easy. Along the way you pass the town of Verdal – the first bit of civilization in days. In Munkeby you stay at a pilgrim’s cabin, near the ruins of a medieval monastery. Not far away is a modern monastery, where you can buy cheese from the monks.


03. Munkeby – Markabygda (approx. 22 km)

The walk is a bit rough, partly on unpaved roads and through wetlands. The path follows Lake Tomsvattnet along some old summer farms. There is a lookout with panoramic views of the mountains Haråhaugan and Vinkjerran.

04. Markabygda – Borås (approx. 25 km)

Today’s trip is mainly on dirt roads through the ‘marka’, a Norwegian expression for nature areas between villages. You pass Lake Ausetvatnet. In the afternoon you reach a farm turned hostel in Boras.

05. Borås – Ersgard (approx. 23 km)

You continue via Vollhaugen to Stjørdal, passing several historic sites. The church of Stjørdal is located near St. Olavsleden and has a great history. The tour ends at the beautiful farm Ersgard. Here you can take a dip in the river.

06. Ersgard – Folden (approx. 25 km)

The pilgrimage continues along dirt roads through the village Hommelvik and then uphill to Brennberga and Nygårdsvollen. Here you see and hear the river Homla, which you follow for a while. Can be a pretty tough hike, especially with bad weather.

07. Folden – Vikhammer (approx. 17 km)

Today you walk along old church trails to the lake Nyvattnet, where you have lunch on the waterfront. At the end of the walk you pass by the farm museum Fjölstadtröa.

08. Vikhammer – Trondheim, Nidaros (approx. 18 km)

The last day is a day of reflection. You still have a couple of kilometers to go along the coast and through the outskirts of Trondheim. At the intersection of Saksvik once stood a cross where pilgrims stopped to have their first look at Nidaros. Here you can look out over the fjord and the city. The last kilometers to go straight through the heart of Trondheim, until you finally reach the goal of your journey: the Nidaros Cathedral, where St. Olav is buried. In Nidaros you receive your well-deserved pilgrim’s degree.

09. Travel day

You can book extra nights in Trondheim if you want.


03. Munkeby – Laberget (approx. 21 km)

From Munkeby you follow the road to Levanger, one of the bigger towns in the region, with a population of 10.000. From there you go to the Levanger arboretum and follow the road to the coast.

04. Laberget – Hellberg (approx. 25 km)

Today’s trip is tough: mainly on asphalt roads – although there is alternative route, that is not signposted, that follows the coast. The water of the Trondheim fjord is however never far away. Past the Falstadsenteret (war museum) and the Ekne church, to Hellberg. You are now on the peninsula of Frosta, a region with a rich cultural history witnessing the central position held by Frosta throughout the centuries. Frosta is sometimes nicknamed “Trondheim’s kitchen garden” due to many farms with production of vegetables, as well as a good microclimate.

05. Hellberg – Tautra (approx. 23 km)

A beautiful hike through forest, over hills and across fields – all the time with the sea on your right hand side. The last bit crosses the 2-kilometer long bridge between Frosta and the island of Tautra, famous for its Monastery ruins. In 2003 Tautra Mariakloster, a new Cistercian nunnery, was founded on the island.

06. Tautra – Trondheim (boat + approx. 2 km)

The last day is a day you take the boat from Tautra to Trondheim, which takes about one hour. The boat only goes in the months June, July and August, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.
From the small harbor it is just a 2-kilometer walk to the Nidaros Cathedral – end point of the St. Olav pilgrimage.

07. Travel day

You can book extra nights in Trondheim if you want.

Depending on which route you take from Munkeby, this stage takes 7 or 9 days, of which you walk 5 or 7. The average is 22 kilometers per day.


This stage is moderate, which means that it is not a problem for trained walkers. The Inner Route has some more challenging parts – especially when the weather is bad. The average of 22 kilometers per day can be challenging for some people. We recommend that you bring good hiking equipment – broken-in hiking boots, a comfortable backpack and possibly walking sticks.

You spend the nights in pilgrim accommodations, ranging from simple to comfortable. Cabins, at home with locals, B&B’s, hotels and everything in-between. It is not necessary to bring bed linen  – although it can save you some money if you do.

Meals are included – but not for all places. If meals are not available, there are restaurants nearby or a kitchen available in the accommodation.

Luggage transfer is possible along this route, but it is quite costly. Ask us for details.

Boat from Tautra to Trondheim (if you take the Outer Route), bed linen, booking, assistance through app (if needed).

Luggage transfer, plane- and train tickets. You will of course be helped to find the trip that suits you best.

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  • Inner Route: € 960 (one person, single room where available)
  • Outer Route: € 890 (one person, single room where available)
  • Inner Route: € 1.750 (two persons, double room where available)
  • Outer Route: € 1.450 (two persons, double room where available)


Self-guided hike along St. Olavsleden, from Stiklestad to Trondheim

  • Available from May to October

  • 7 or 9 days of which you walk 5 or 7, an average of 22 kilometers per day.

  • Inner/Outer Route: € 950/€ 890 (one person, single room where available)

  • Inner/Outer Route: € 1.750/€ 1.450 (two persons, double room where available)

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