Let us introduce ourselves...

Your primary contact along the St. Olavleden, Gudbrandsdalsleden and St. Olav Waterway is Ruben Heijloo. Ruben moved to the town Revsund in central Sweden in 2011, right along St. Olavsleden. Around the same time the route was being restored. Ruben helps promoting St. Olavsleden in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This meant, among other things, that Ruben had to experience the route personally: in May 2013 Ruben walked (and cycled) from Selånger to Trondheim. He made a video blog about his journey. In the autumn of 2018 Ruben moved back to his native country of The Netherlands.

Sacha Kraan walked the St. Olav Waterway in the autumn of 2021. This pilgrim trail starts in Turku/Åbo (Finland) and ends in Eckerö on Åland. She also made a film about her pilgrimage. Sacha helps planning your trip along the Waterway.

Henriëtte van der Noord guides groups along both the St. Olavsleden and Gudbrandsdalsleden, beginning in 2024. She was a teacher in special education for a long time and is now a walker, pilgrim, certified tour guide, walking guide and city guide.

Francine Postma coaches a ‘reflection walk’ for women along the last part of the St. Olavsleden. She is a writer and pilgrim. Her book Alleen over het St. Olavspad was published in 2021. In the book she not only talks candidly about her experiences during her pilgrimage, but also about her struggles in life. The book has now inspired many pilgrims to walk the St. Olav’s Route.