We receive a lot of questions about the Inner and Outer Route. Here follows a short explanation. The St. Olavsleden (from Selånger to Trondheim) splits into two for the last part in Norway: at Munkeby you can choose to take the Inner or the Outer road to Trondheim. What are the differences between these two routes?

The Inner Route
This is the path that was communicated as the official route in 2013, when the St. Olavsledene was reopened. Here you walk through deep forests, past swamps and deep lakes – a continuation of the landscapes you have seen earlier during your hike. The Inner Router is slightly longer than the Outer, with more wild nature and fewer shops – although from Vikhammer on it mainly goes through urban areas. Accommodation can be difficult to find in some places. Ask us for more information if you need help.

The Outer Route
More recently, the Outer Route has been offered as an alternative. This path goes via the historic town of Levanger over the Frosta peninsula to the island of Tautra. You largely follow the fjord of Trondheim and walk on more asphalt than the inner road – with also long stretches on stony beaches and meadows that lie directly on the water. The route is approximately two days shorter than the Inner Route, you pass more shops, but more importantly: the last stage must be done by boat. This boat departs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June to August. So you need to plan your hike more carefully. You can also take a taxi from Tautra to the nearest station for the train to Trondheim. Again: if you have any questions, please contact us.

10 years of Nordic Pilgrim

In the commotion of the coming hiking season, we almost forgot our own anniversary: Nordic Pilgrim has been around for ten years! In 2013, founder Ruben was asked by the Swedish St. Olavsleden project to ‘test’ this route

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Learning languages

So you are going on a trip through the Nordic countries and you would like to understand the locals. What is the best way to learn basic language skills? There are real language courses you can follow, of course. Some bigger cities offer real, physical classes. If you want to learn digitally, you could use learning apps, like Duolingo and Babbel. If you are too busy (or lazy) to learn, you could always use the Google Translate app to translate in real time by using the microphone on your telephone.

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Some important dates

Every season there are some dates on which it might be difficult to find lodging along certain trails. Something to keep in mind when planning your trip. Here are some of these dates.

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Happy 2024

With 2024 right around the corner, we would like to reflect on 2023 for just a moment. It has been an exciting year. Personally: rebuilding a home that was destroyed by fire three years ago and finally moving in, just before Christmas.

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Coastal pilgrimage route

Nordic Pilgrim is researching ways to package (parts of) the Coastal Route for hikers. We are not sure yet if it will be for the 2024 season - but we will keep you poste. Watch this space. But first: watch this short video that we made of the Coastal Route.

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Assistance coupon

Nordic Pilgrim offers free advice to anyone. But if you arrange your own trip and still need some extra security, you can order a Nordic Pilgrim help coupon! We can assist you with last minute bookings, help in case of emergencies, make reservations or even help with translations. See the examples below. Order a coupon to formalize your pilgrim helpline! Contact us for more info.

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